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Warsaw brief news 12 Jan 2019

1. Spy story in Warsaw: a Huawei employee and an ex-ABW officer (Internal Security Agency) have been arrested for alleged spying.

2. Teachers on strike: following ZNP, a second trade union FZZ announced they will join the strike. Teachers demand increase of salary.

3. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State announced that on 13-14 February there will be a conference in Warsaw dedicated to the situation in the Middle East.

4. Wild boar shooting controversy: the Polish internet is full of stories about people, who are protesting against the wild boar shooting. Yet, the reality is… there is nothing abnormal about this season wild boar shooting. The stories about forced shooting of pregnant wild boars turn to be fake news.

5. Poland’s National Central Bank (NBP) President, Adam Glapiński is a new problem for PiS: apparently his “angels” make about 15,000 Euro a month.

6. Soldiers unhappy: apparently not only teachers are unhappy about their salaries. Rzeczpospolita writes about their disappointment.

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